About lake

About lake TridentLake is the largest sports lake in Ukraine. Which has 90 high-quality sectors. The lake is located in the picturesque place of western Ukraine, 30 minutes drive from the city of Lviv on the outskirts of the village Prilbichi.

Information about the lake:

Area of the lake - 120g

The lake contains 90 full sectors

The length of the coastline is more than 6 km

Suitable for use - about 5 km

Width - up to 1km

Length (Straight) - 2.6 km

Depth - up to 4.5m

Fish - carp, crucian carp, roach, perch, amur, pike, perch

The origin of the village name

Two versions are worth attention, one of which has a scientific substantiation in the work of M. Khudash "The origin of the Ukrainian Carpathian and Carpathian names of settlements". In it, the author explains the name of the village "Prilbichi" from the "prefixal-suffix formation with the prefix pri-, root -lb- and the suffix -itsa. The adjective in the appellate sense of the so-called marijuk or head is a superfluous part of the helmet. " It is possible that in ancient times, the inhabitants of the settlement were engaged in the manufacture of "prilbyts" for knight's helmets. About the melting of metal from marsh ore and its processing are indicated by archaeological data. In the tract of Koblev, two dugouts were excavated in which the iron from the marsh ore was smelted. The second version of the origin of the name of the village of Prilbiche, in our opinion, also deserves attention. The initial word in it is the word "Lbytsa" - the likely name of the mountain, which is now part of the village called Great Gora. This is the oldest part of the village. One can assume that it was she who could once be called "Lybitsu". The northern slope of the mountain is rather rapid. From under its source originate, which form a small reservoir, nicknamed the Hothouse. (True, now it is rather obscure, started up and even partially covered up artificially). Settlement near the mountain "Lbitsa" could also be called Pri-lbitsa. By the way, in ancient archival documents ("Aktach Grodzkich and Ziemskich") there are variants of the name of Prilbiche and Prilbitsa. (c)Wikipedia