Lake rules


These rules are developed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and establish the basic requirements for fishermen engaged in sports and amateur fishing on Lake TridentLake.


  • - The basic principle of sport fishing: caught and release.
  • - Arrival on the dam - only during the daylight hours - after check-in at the point of guard and payment.
  • - Prior to the fishing, the person is registered in the guard on the dam. During registration, the person indicates the name, place of residence, number of the selected fishing sector, state registration number of the car.
  • - All fishermen are marked in the log of registration, familiarization with the rules of fishing, rules of safety (behavior on the dam).
  • - The caught carp, white amur, lin, pike perch of any weight immediately returns to the reservoir with observance of all the warnings.
  • - Fishing is carried out in specially designated places (sectors).
  • - All manipulations with fish, held exclusively in water.
  • - Photos of fish - solely on carpal mat.
  • - If you do not have your own carp mate, you can rent it for the protection of the lake.
  • - In the non-spawning period, fishing in the sector is carried out by no more than two fishing rods with one hook on the fishing rod.
  • - Fishing is carried out by one hook (the availability of feeders is allowed).
  • - Mounting the snap should ensure the release of fish in the event of a breakdown of the equipment (all connections must be made by the method of the loop in the loop - without guard rings, swords, zashchipov, carbines, etc.).
  • - All fish in the presence of visible damage should be treated medically (medicines in the protection).
  • - The established catch per person is 5 kg. All fish beyond the limits of this weight shall be returned to the reservoir.
  • - Carp, amur, pike perch - return to the reservoir, regardless of weight.


  • - Laying fire.
  • - Entrance of motor transport to the dam in the fishing zone.
  • - Staying at the dam of fishermen and guests (arrival-departure of their vehicles) in the dark of the day.
  • - Use of non-standard lighting.
  • - Stay in the sector in a drunken state.
  • - Noisy, include loud music, in any way interfere with other fishermen.
  • - Washing cars.
  • - Bathing from the dam.
  • - Entering the sector of fishermen without their permission.
  • - Clog the banks of the reservoir with garbage and cigarette butts.


  • - Strictly adhere to the rules of fishing.
  • - At the first request of the administration to present for inspection of equipment, luggage, vehicle.
  • - To remove the sector at the end of the fishery, to carry out debris.
  • - Weigh all the fish caught by him on the guard.


  • - By all means promote the best possible conditions for fishers to stay at the lake.
  • - Immediately remove fisherman (fisherman) from the lake for violating any of the provisions of these rules.